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Brynn Putnam, CEO of Mirror, on Launching a Breakout Growth Smart Hardware Device for Fitness

In this episode of The Breakout Growth Podcast, Sean Ellis interviews Brynn Putnam, CEO of Mirror, a smart fitness hardware and subscription service for better at-home workouts. The product is essentially an elegant mirror that is also a personal fitness studio with content ranging from on-demand cardio classes to boxing and yoga. An important part of their value proposition is that unlike most exercise equipment, the Mirror takes up very little floor space.  

While common startup wisdom today touts that you should launch early with an MVP version of your product, the Mirror team wanted to ensure that they launched with a very polished product that could deliver a great experience. They also focused a lot of effort and marketing dollars to build trust in the Mirror brand.  

In the interview, Brynn explains

  • How her team builds desire for this cool product
  • The role of social proof in building trust
  • How celebrities were an important part of building initial interest
  • How rewarding experiences feed the referral loop 

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