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California’s Largest Cannabis Distributor Nabis CEO Shares His Growth Journey to Breakout Success

In this episode, Sean Ellis interviews Nabis Founder and CEO Vincent Ning to understand what is driving their breakout growth. Vincent tells the story of how they went from a couple of guys driving a van to a 120 person company moving over $100M in wholesale cannabis products. The YCombinator backed business is now a logistics powerhouse handling everything from product distribution to compliance.  

Vincent credits the biggest driver of growth to an industry that is booming. But he also says that their technology has played a big role in differentiating the service from competitors. For example, brands have complete visibility into the location of their shipments at any time.  This helps build trust which is critical for developing strong relationships with brands.

This interview took place in March. Since that time a lot of businesses have been heavily impacted by Covid 19 and Nabis is no exception.  

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