The Breakout Growth Podcast

Emplify's CEO Shares How His Team is Succeeding in the Face of COVID Challenges

In this episode of the Breakout Growth Podcast, Sean Ellis interviews Santi Jaramillo, CEO and cofounder of Emplify, a B2B company that combines software and consulting to deliver insights that unlock the potential in teams.
We discussed:
  • The challenging path that Emplify took to reach product/market fit
  • How Emplify drove interest using thought leadership and content marketing
  • The team structure that Emplify has used to convert highly engaged customers
  • How the Emplify team overcome the COVID 19 disruption to accelerate their company mission
Beyond learning about Emplify’s approach to growth, Santi also shared insights into how teams around the world have been affected by the COVID crisis and ways to help them succeed despite the challenges. 

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