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Freshly CMO, Mayur Gupta, shares how they've rapidly grown to over 1 million subscribers for their fresh and healthy meal delivery service

In this episode of The Breakout Growth Podcast, Sean Ellis interviews Mayur Gupta, CMO of Freshly, the number one direct-to-consumer, fully-prepared, meal delivery service in America. They are on a mission to deliver healthy, tasty, and convenient meals that are fresh and ready to eat in minutes. They have attracted over one million subscribers and expect to deliver almost 35 million meals this year. 

Sean’s goal with this interview is to understand what is truly driving breakout growth success for Freshly. According to Gupta, the real growth drivers to date have been leveraging the intersection of health, taste, and convenience as the basis for strong product-market fit. That, along with the ability to instill a mission-driven culture and mindset, has allowed them to use rapid iteration as their catalyst for growth. 

This kind of rapid iterative thinking is specifically important to Freshly because meeting the demands of a diverse market requires continuous optimizations to attract and convert target customer segments. For example, people who previously were buying frozen meals have different expectations in regards to variety as compared to recent empty nesters. Freshly has applied growth testing to developing menu variety, and now they are looking to serve additional markets such as vegetarians. 

Activation for Freshly happens when customers make their first order. Once they try Freshly, customers are able to appreciate the intersections of great taste, healthy meals, and convenience. Freshly also has a referral program that incentivizes customers to recommend the healthy, convenient meal service to their friends. When a friend successfully subscribes to Freshly, both parties receive $40 in free Freshly meal credits. 

The Freshly team has also been able to discover and scale profitable paid customer acquisition channels. Freshly’s growth to date has been built without a strong focus on brand building and only recently has the company started to put more focus on organic growth and to emphasize its brand and PR initiatives.

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