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Growth Leaders From Shopify, Vinted, Tesonet and More Share Keys to Their Breakout Success

For this week’s episode of the Breakout Growth Podcast, Sean Ellis travels to Vilnius, Lithuania to interview leaders from their hottest breakout growth companies.  

The panel discussion included the CEO, Thomas Plantenga, of Vinted which is Lithuania’s first unicorn. Thomas led the successful turnaround effort from struggling startup to a billion-dollar valuation. He shares details about what they specifically did to drive this turnaround.  

The panel also included Jonas Karklys, co-founder and chief commercial officer at Tesonet, a company that creates security tools. The business has grown rapidly and is now almost 1000 employees. Tesonet sponsored Sean’s travel to Lithuania for a private workshop and was the key sponsor behind the event.

Other guests included JB Daguene, a partner from 70Ventures, which funds and accelerates B2B startups from across Europe and Tomas Slimas, CMO/co-founder of Oberlo, a company founded in Lithuania that was quickly acquired by Shopify. Tomas now serves as the director of online marketing for Shopify where he continues to grow the Oberlo business.

The conversation led to many insights ranging from finding product-market fit, to driving a successful turnaround to managing growth at massive scale.

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