The Breakout Growth Podcast

Hitachi Solutions' Impressive Transformation to Agile Growth Hacking

In this episode of the Breakout Growth Podcast, Sean Ellis interviews Hitachi Solutions' SVP Operations Jessica Hawk and Growth Team Lead Dean Kroker. They both played a key role in driving growth from a small startup to hundreds of employees and an impressive acquisition by Hitachi.

We discussed:

  • How to overcome resistance to growth transformation in larger organizations.
  • Their transformation over the last year from a traditional growth approach of an IT services business to one that effectively uses data and experimentation to accelerate growth. 
  • Their response to Covid 19 and how their startup agility and experience with remote implementations at Capax Global has been very helpful for the broader Hitachi solutions team. 
  • The importance of applying technical intensity to developing scalable solutions to operational growth challenges.
  • The role of a partner in driving growth when providing services built on the partner's platform.
  • The role that workshops can play in driving the organizational transformation to an agile growth hacking approach in a large company.

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