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Strong Mission Helps Sondermind Thrive in Covid 19 Crisis with New Remote Solution

In this episode of the Breakout Growth Podcast I’m speaking with Mark Frank and Scott Orn from Sondermind, a company growing 20% month over month. The founding team of Sondermind recognized that mental health services are way too hard to get for many of the patients who need them. So they built a platform to make it easier for patients to find excellent mental healthcare professionals and navigate the challenges of paying for these services. Sondermind is needed now more than ever and due to their strong mission, they were quickly able to introduce a remote care option.

In the episode we discussed the following topics.

  • Role of mission in driving success at Sondermind
  • How they acquire most of their new clients
  • How they initially seeded their network
  • How they are expanding their network to new states
  • How Sondermind managed the fundraising process
  • Best way to communicate with investors after raising funding
  • How they keep balance in the two sides of their network

The answers to these questions are critical to understanding how Sondermind is achieving 20% month over months growth.

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