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The Templafy Story: Can Growth Hacking Work in an Enterprise SaaS Business?

In this episode of The Breakout Growth Podcast, Sean Ellis interviews Casper Rouchmann, Templafy's head of growth and product owner, Oskar Konstantyner. Templafy is an Enterprise SaaS platform for helping companies stay consistent with their branding and compliant in their messaging. Their solution helps teams keep templates consistent ranging from PowerPoint to email. 

Templafy is one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe and was recently ranked as the fastest-growing company in Denmark. Oskar and Casper explain that some of the key advantages supporting this rapid growth are a great product, rapid deployment across an organization once it has been purchased and a very low churn rate.

Oskar and Casper have both worked to further accelerate growth with growth hacking. In the interview, we explore the challenges and opportunities of using growth hacking when a product is relatively expensive, has a long sales cycle and has multiple stakeholders involved in a purchase decision. We agree that cross-company alignment around the right North Star Metric is critical for unlocking the power of growth hacking and go on to discuss potential North Star Metrics for the business. Despite the challenges, Oskar and Casper are confident that a strong team and a clear focus on enterprise customers make an affective growth hacking approach possible. 

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