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Viral B2B Growth for Miro’s Freemium Collaborative Whiteboards

In this episode of The Breakout Growth Podcast, Sean Ellis interviews Yuliya Malysh, Head of Growth and Self Serve Business at Miro, a B2C2B collaborative whiteboarding solution. Miro was founded in Russia and its viral breakout growth helped attract a $25M investment led by Accel Partners, a top Silicon Valley VC firm.  

In the interview, Yulia shares her insights into what is driving this breakout growth.  She covers a broad range of topics including:

  • How her team is organized
  • The process that her team follows to accelerate growth
  • How her team fits into the broader organization
  • Steps the company took to unlock viral growth such as moving from a free trial model to a freemium plan

Yuliya’s strong data background is an important part of her success as head of growth.  She explains that data is key to identifying large opportunities for growth, informing hypotheses and generating effective ideas for further accelerating growth. Data also helps teams remain objective and not “fall in love” with their ideas. 

Yuliya credits a lot of Miro’s breakout growth to an intuitive simple solution for the challenges resulting from the market trend toward more geographically distributed teams. She has clearly identified users that have the biggest needs for the solution and has also identified which users are most effective at accelerating viral adoption. 

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