The Breakout Growth Podcast

What's Driving Growth at Fastest Growing B2B Companies? Learnings from Last 6 Interviews

For this episode, I’m joined by Ethan Garr, SVP Growth at Robokiller, to discuss the key commonalities and differences for breakout growth B2B companies featured in the last six episodes of the podcast. Ethan has also been helping write in-depth growth studies on each of the companies I've interviewed so he is very familiar with them (Lola, TripActions, Templafy, Valuer, Miro and 3D Hubs). 

Some of the areas that we explored include:

  • How B2B companies are leveraging data to accelerate growth
  • Common factors driving their breakout growth
  • How a growth mindset is essential to fueling testing
  • Why it is essential to clearly identify target customers
  • Why B2B needs to obsess on value for all stakeholders
  • How B2B growth is undergoing a major transformation
  • Role of product/market fit in B2B growth
  • Why it is essential for B2B to collaborate cross-functionally

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