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$1.5M MRR Education Platform: Teachable’s CEO, Ankur Nagpal, Shares Growth Journey from Early Grit Days to Today’s Systematic Growth Machine

For this episode, I interviewed Ankur Nagpal, Founder and CEO of Teachable, a SaaS platform that is disrupting the online education space. 

Ankur shares his journey from the grit driven growth of the early days to what is now a large eduction platform generating $1.5M in monthly recurring revenue in addition to significant transaction fees. 

We discuss

  • Why it’s important to bake growth into the culture of a business in the early days
  • The role that aggressive targets played in helping trigger creative growth programs
  • How early customer education programs help reduce churn rates
  • How Teachable has evolved the growth and marketing team structure
  • Future growth plans for maintaining aggressive growth targets

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