The Breakout Growth Podcast

Cross Company Learnings from the First Set of Breakout Growth Interviews

For this episode, we look back at the first six episodes of The Breakout Growth Podcast to uncover key cross-company learnings from each of the breakout growth interviews. Ethan Garr, SVP Growth at Robokiller, returns to help me uncover the key commonalities and differences between these breakout growth companies.

I interviewed Ethan in episode 2 about RoboKiller and the path they took from product/market fit to an acquisition by IAC. Ethan has also been helping write more in-depth growth studies on each of the companies featured on the podcast (available at

So Ethan is really the perfect person to help me uncover some of the key learnings across these breakout growth companies. Some of the areas that we explore include:

  • The role of product/market fit and mission in driving growth
  • We compared growth engines and key growth drivers across each of the companies (Acorns, RoboKiller, Transferwise, Resi, Freshly and GenM)
  • We compared the leadership styles to find what is critical to driving sustainable growth
  • Finally, we dug into some of the challenges that each company is facing or will likely face as they work to sustain their rapid growth rates

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