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Mobile app Robokiller coinventor, Ethan Garr, shares how his passionate team rapidly grew from product-market fit to an acquisition by IAC.

In this episode of The Breakout Growth Podcast, Sean Ellis interviews Ethan Garr, the SVP of Growth at Teltech, the makers of RoboKiller. RoboKiller has been nominated by Apple as the App of The Day in addition to consistently being ranked in the top twenty for utility app downloads. It has been featured on both local and national news programs around the USA as an important solution to battling robo callers. Due largely to the growth success of RoboKiller, Teletech was acquired by IAC earlier this year.

Sean’s goal with this interview is to deconstruct what is truly driving breakout growth for RoboKiller. Their growth starts with strong product/market fit and the worthy mission of reducing the number of robocalls that annoy all of us on a daily basis. Their solution is a mobile app that detects robocalls and wastes the time of the spammer by keeping them on the line with a recorded voice that appears to be a real human. The more these callers waste their time with the RoboKiller bots, the less time they have to annoy us.

In his role at RoboKiller, Ethan helped to conceptualize the RoboKiller solution, iterate it to product-market fit, and ultimately drive its scale and adoption to a breakout hit. Ethan credits their success to, “product-market fit, people, and passion.” He believes that when these three points intersect, they drive rapid, sustainable growth. The team has conducted obsessive optimizations and an aggressive outbound PR effort.

Early in their career, Ethan and Sean worked together in marketing to build, the largest online gaming community at the time, which listed on NASDAQ and was acquired by Vivendi Universal in 2001. 

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