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Resi CEO, Alexandra DePledge, shares how her team built the UK’s largest architectural platform in only 2.5 years.

In this episode of The Breakout Growth Podcast, Sean Ellis interviews Alexandra DePledge, CEO of Resi, a UK based company that aims to reduce the challenges of home renovation and building projects. After only 2.5 years, they have built Resi to become the largest architectural platform in the UK.

Sean’s goal with this interview is to understand what is truly driving breakout growth success for Resi. While Resi’s goal is to build a broad platform for the full range of building challenges, they narrowed their initial solution to a low level, affordable entry product so they could ensure a quality solution and achieve initial product-market fit. By onboarding customers into this solution, the Resi team was able to learn about other pressing challenges that people face with their home building and renovation projects. From this initial solution, they have expanded into architectural planning and design services, financing solutions and even a marketplace for builders and contractors. They have developed a unique team structure that combines both a team to iterate around these new opportunities and an operating team to capitalize on product/market fit for the solutions that have been validated.

One highly effective tactic for Resi is a free telephone hotline to answer any questions about the home building and renovation process. This hotline is available to both existing customers and non-customers, providing a powerful way to build trust and eventually cross-sell a broad range of building services. Given that the typical family rarely does a home renovation or building projects, Resi does not have a long-term engagement loop. So instead, they focus on building a strong referral loop via ambassadors. They also benefit from significant average revenue per customer which they can use to fund the paid acquisition loop. 

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