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TripActions: How this B2B Travel Unicorn Reached $4B+ Valuation in Only Four Years

In this episode of The Breakout Growth Podcast, Sean Ellis interviews Meagen Eisenberg, CMO at TripActions, a mobile-first corporate travel platform that has quickly achieved a $4B valuation. In the 10 months since Meagen joined the company, the overall team size has tripled from a few hundred employees to over 1000.  

In the interview, Meagan shares her insights into what is driving this breakout growth. She covers a  broad range of topics including:

  • How her team is organized
  • The process that her team follows to accelerate growth
  • How her team fits into the broader organization
  • What the company does to drive cross-functional alignment and ensure that everyone is “rowing in the same direction”

Meagen credits a lot of the growth to strong product/market fit in the $1.5 trillion corporate travel market. She explains that TripActions delivers on a powerful value proposition for both businesses and their traveling employees. For businesses, TripActions helps drive significant savings, reaching up to 34% of their total travel budget (the second largest controllable expense in businesses). But where TripActions really shines is their ability to help improve the actual traveler experience.  Travelers get 24x7 365 travel agents to help them ensure their travel goes smoothly.  

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