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What's Helping Valuer Decrease the Sales Cycle for Enterprise B2B Clients of Its Match Making Platform

In this episode of The Breakout Growth Podcast, Sean Ellis interviews Dennis Poulsen, CEO of Valuer, along with their CMO, Taylor Ryan. Valuer helps major enterprises tap into startup innovation strengths via their AI-powered matchmaking platform. 

Sean’s goal with this interview is to understand what is truly driving breakout growth success for Valuer. Since launching in early 2018, the Demark based business has scaled rapidly due to a surprisingly short sales cycle and an effective lead gen program.

In the interview, we explore the problem that Dennis and his cofounders originally set out to solve, how they were able to build initial traction for the platform and when they had enough validation to aggressively start scaling.

We also analyzed today’s growth engine which starts with aggressive customer acquisition.  Most new sales leads are generated via content marketing that aims to increase awareness among enterprises that startups can help solve their digital transformation and corporate innovation challenges. This content marketing has helped valuer achieve strong organic search traffic.  

The Valuer team works to convert web traffic to qualified sales leads by optimizing site content such as case studies and reducing friction to completing the demo request forms. They are able to capture additional leads for outbound sales calls by analyzing IP addresses of the businesses that visit their website without completing a lead gen form.  

Once leads are generated, the sales team works to quickly arrange a demo of how the platform works. Given that Valuer sales efforts are focused on large enterprises, the sales cycle is surprisingly short, typically ranging from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. 

All of these elements of the growth engine ultimately are working to increase the number of synergistic matches between startups and large enterprises. 

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